Recipe time!

I thought I would post a recipe every week. It'll be recipe's I have made at some point and ones that I try to create that are low in fat and sugar. This is because many specialists recommend a low fat and sugar diet for assisting fertility, and it also helps in keeping weight under... Continue Reading →


What infertility is like

Infertility is a topic that isn’t spoken about enough. It needs to be spoken about so that women who have fertility issues feel ok to talk about their struggles. And for others to have some understanding on what it’s like. Education is the key to breaking down barriers and allowing people to talk openly. Only... Continue Reading →

Frozen Embaby 

It’s been a few days since my negative Beta result and I’m actually doing pretty good. I think I’m so used to getting a BFN and not getting my hopes up. I think putting up those walls really helps keep your emotional health in check. Even when I do get pregnant again (and I know... Continue Reading →

Beta result

So the Beta results are in and yep it’s as expected and it’s negative. I knew it was over Wednesday night when my period came right on due date. I ended up calling the nurse on Thursday and she sent me straight up for a blood test just to check because some women can get... Continue Reading →

Prepare for Beta

With Beta blood test coming up it’s time for me to prepare mentally for another failed cycle. At this point I’d be surprised if I was pregnant, everything is pointing towards not pregnant at this stage. This is why I don’t get my hopes up or get too excited. It’s not worth it emotionally to... Continue Reading →

IVF jargon

There are so many terms used in IVF that most don’t understand. Even for me it took a couple of cycles to really start understanding all the jargon used. I thought in the waiting period I’d explain some of them. Maybe your about to go through IVF or you know someone who is so learning... Continue Reading →

A gift for Zachary

With Xmas coming up I decided to start a new tradition. One that honors Zachary by helping those in need. Each year I’m going to buy a gift for donating to those in need. This gift will be for a child of whatever age Zachary would have been. So this year I’ve bought a gift... Continue Reading →

Two Week Wait 

So I’ve got 9 days left of my wait for blood test. I’m going to try very hard not to test early with a HPT (Home Pregnancy Test). These can be incorrect not just because naturally sometimes they are but because of all the medications you’re on for IVF can give false readings too. So... Continue Reading →

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