Start of cycle 3

So I have officially started my 3rd cycle of IVF now. This time round the specialist started me on medication before my period. First time he has done this. Couple of things that are different this time round. He is hoping by giving me the extra medications and changing the medications will help me get... Continue Reading →


Zachary’s story

So I thought I would share Zachary's story with everyone. I'll start at the beginning, before conception... Being a single woman with fertility issues reaching an age where I could feel my clock ticking I knew it was time. It was now or never. I was done waiting for the 'right man'. So in August... Continue Reading →

Sharing the journey update time…

Through my journey on becoming pregnant with Zachary I had shared with everyone the process of each step. I was so glad I did and don't regret for one minute. It's important for people to see how hard it is for some women to reach their dream of becoming a mother. It's not as easy... Continue Reading →

To my dearest Zachary

This is my first mother's day. My first mother's day since I found out I was pregnant with you and my first mother's day since I lost you. So much has happened these last few months. Some days I don't want to get up knowing I have to face life without you, without your love.... Continue Reading →

My first blog

Sitting here on my first Mother's Day without my baby. For some reason I feel I need to share my story of how I'm a Mama to a special little angel who wasn't meant for this world. And how difficult this has been for me to accept. It is only now that I am truly... Continue Reading →

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