Embryo development post transfer

So while we are waiting thought I would share how an embryo develops after a day 5 transfer. What is meant to happen anyway. Doesn't mean it will happen but these are the steps that will happen if a pregnancy occurs. My clinic gives a 45% chance on a good quality embryo. But then age... Continue Reading →


Transfer day

Up early to be at the clinic by 8:30am for transfer. Hopefully it's the last early start. I decided to take 2 days off work just to rest and relax. There really is no need for it and going to work the same day is fine but I just knew I'd need a couple of... Continue Reading →

Day 3 embabies

So the phone call for my embabies came through later than yesterday but for some reason I wasn't as anxious. I think hearing yesterday that they were doing so well had me feeling a bit more calm. Anyway the phone call came through and great news! All 3 have continued to multiply and are now... Continue Reading →


I actually was more uncomfortable and sore after this retrieval than the others. Had this full feeling in my abdomen and back. Then cramps and sharp pains. Plus a bit more bleeding than I had previous cycles. The bleeding settled overnight but the cramps and fullness kept up. Like I said in previous post the... Continue Reading →

Egg retrieval surgery

So today I had my Egg retrieval surgery. Was up at 3am in order to leave by 3:30 to ensure I was at the hospital by 6am! Managed to arrive by 5:30 which was great. Always like to allow more time when traveling so far. Anyway checked in to the hospital and got ready for... Continue Reading →

Day 13 trigger

So today is trigger day! The trigger injection must be taken exactly 36 hours before surgery. This injection basically tells your ovaries to start getting eggs ready for realise from follicles and the eggs within the follicles begin to mature. So by the time surgery hits the eggs are ready for realise and the doctor... Continue Reading →

Day 12 second check up

So today makes day 12 of 3rd IVF cycle. Had to travel to the IVF clinic again this morning for the second check up with an internal ultrasound and blood test to check on the follicle growth. The last few days I've felt some bloating so was hoping that was a good sign and that... Continue Reading →

Day 9 check up

So today I travelled to the IVF clinic which is about 1.5-2 hours drive away depending on traffic. So it's a big trip and thankfully this time I could get full days off work so it meant later appointment and not having to get up as early or work after. So I travelled down and... Continue Reading →

Day 6 – second injection

So it's day 6 which means second injection is added. The last few days it's been just the one injection of Menopur. Now it's time to add the second injection. So now my nightly routine is 2 injections, 3 pills and my pregnancy vitamin. A lot of people ask me how I can inject myself... Continue Reading →

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