Fundraiser & Update

So this last weekend I had my fundraiser for Zachary to raise money for an organisation called Bears of Hope. I had started the fundraiser a few weeks after I lost Zachary, I wanted his short life to have some meaning and for him to have an impact. My goal was to raise $500 before... Continue Reading →



Quick update. So basically right now I'm still waiting so not much to report on. Just trying to keep busy so the time goes faster. Should be about two weeks wait now. I'm busy pretty much everyday now until the cycle starts with either work, university or other things. This weekend I have a fundraiser party to... Continue Reading →

Medications and acupuncture 

So my medications arrived and things have changed this time around. I'm on 3 injections everyday from day 2. So day 1 is the first day of my period. Blood test but no medications that day. Day 2 I start injections. This time I'll be on Gonal-f 225, Menopur 75 and Cetrotide 250 all from... Continue Reading →


Been busy at the moment with concentrating on my University study. My new course started last week and I wanted to get a good jump on the work. I'm doing a Bachelor Degree in Adult and Vocational Education. It's my second Bachelor Degree through distance University and I'm excited to have more skills and knowledge... Continue Reading →

Daily plan

One thing I've looked at is food. I've done some research and found some different ideas on what to have in my IVF diet. It's not going to hurt to be healthier so if it works great and if not it's still made me healthier so it's a win either way! I am pretty healthy... Continue Reading →

Natural methods

I've decided to put everything into my next cycle of IVF. Whatever it takes. I'm putting all my energy and effort into doing everything I can to improve my chances. I've been doing a lot of research on what I can try and do to help.  So I have been looking into natural methods to... Continue Reading →


So one thing I wanted to do when writing this blog is be honest about my journey. It's hard to admit my feelings and thoughts but I realized all women going through IVF feel this way or go through what I'm going through. So by being honest hopefully other women going through this don't feel... Continue Reading →

Feel like

A failure. When you get that negative result that's how you feel. Like your body failed to work. Yep I got a bfn (big fat negative). Not pregnant. The nurse works after clinic hours to deliver results. She called to say my levels were very low (7) which either means some the Pregnyl lingered or... Continue Reading →

Soap box

So I thought I would get on my soap box for a moment. When I became pregnant with Zachary I told people the day I found out, so I was about 4 weeks along at that stage. Many people are critical over this and say you shouldn't announce until after the so called 'safe' zone... Continue Reading →

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