Natural methods

I’ve decided to put everything into my next cycle of IVF. Whatever it takes. I’m putting all my energy and effort into doing everything I can to improve my chances. I’ve been doing a lot of research on what I can try and do to help. 

So I have been looking into natural methods to help with egg quality. So along with the fertility medication from the specialist I will be using natural treatments as well. Of course I will talk to the fertility specialist about these to ensure none of the natural remedies I will be taking will interfere with the medications he has me on. I thought I would write them here so that others can see what I am trying. So I have started on:

  • CoQ10 – Coenzyme Q10. Many IVF patients are using this without input from their specialist in an effort to improve their fertility. It has been proven in mice to improve egg quality especially in older mice while on fertility treatment. There have been no actual testing or evaluation on women using this however for women who have used it there is evidence that it has improved their egg quality and quantity. 1 of these a day. 

  • Royal Jelly – food eaten by the Queen Bee. As the Queen Bee is the one to produce all the eggs and babies Royal Jelly is said to be a wonder fertility drug. You can take this in either jelly form or tablets. Again there have been no actual studies on the use of this Royal Jelly in fertility treatment but for women who have used it there has been good feedback and results. 1 of these a day.

  • Maca – a root-like cruciferous vegetable from the Andes of Peru. Locals have used it to improve fertility, energy and sex drive. Maca assists the pituitary, adrenal and thyroid glands which all involve hormone balance. So using this assists in stabilising hormone’s within both women and men. This has been researched in fertility treatment and has proven evidence of assisting hormone balance. These are the worst smelling- hold your nose and swallow. 1 of these a day.

I started on these yesterday and when I talk to my fertility specialist I will discuss it with him. Being all natural products there is no reason he won’t be concerned with any of them but I still like to check and make sure it won’t interfere with any of the medications he has me on.

I’ve also found a local acupuncturist who has opened recently. Acupuncture has been proven in studies to help with fertility especially with IVF. Now sticking needles into me isn’t something I ever saw myself doing but after all the injections I’ve taken over the months this should be nothing! So I’ve booked in for my first appointment for the 21st. If needed I’ll have a few treatments while I lead up to my next IVF. They say it can improve egg quality through hormone balance. So why not give it a go. I’ll blog after my treatment. 

Another thing I’ve looked at is food. So many foods have hormones added now. These can affect your own hormone balances. So I’m going organic with meat. It’s a bit more expensive and harder to find but no added hormones will help not only with fertility but also in overall health. Also making sure you have a well balanced diet with good fruit and vegetables as well as meats is important. I usually eat pretty healthy but I’m going to really make sure I do now. I always eat home cooked meals which is important in well balanced diet and only have treats a couple times a week. So really not much to change except organic foods only with no added hormones. Also going organic and balancing your hormones helps with weight loss. Too much red meat can cause hormone inbalance and cause weight gain. So really concentrating on what I’m eating and what’s been added into it. 

Medications: Metformin 500mg twice a day, CoQ10, Royal Jelly, Maca, Folic Acid, Pregnancy vitamin and Calcium supplement.


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