Been busy at the moment with concentrating on my University study. My new course started last week and I wanted to get a good jump on the work. I’m doing a Bachelor Degree in Adult and Vocational Education. It’s my second Bachelor Degree through distance University and I’m excited to have more skills and knowledge behind me. I’ve already completed one 3000 word essay and into my second one now. Both are due at the end of August so I’m well ahead. It’s nice to have a distraction from IVF stuff. 

I’ve spoken to the IVF clinic and everything is set for starting early next month. My medications should be delivered this week by courier. Thankfully my clinic is really understanding about distance and will courier things as needed to save me the travel. So this week my medications should arrive. 

IVF begins at my next period. So 3 more weeks to wait. Until then I’ve started on the Testogel each morning. This is meant to improve egg quality. I used it last time so not sure it helped but again I’ll try anything so back into it. Also been taking all my vitamins- Maca, Royal Jelly and CoQ10 which are all meant to help regulate hormones and improve egg quality. Plus taking Folic Acid 5mg and pregnancy multivitamin. Then on top of all that I take Metformin 500mg twice daily for my insulin resistance PCOS. Hopefully all this helps. 

I’ve also continued with my diet change of cutting out any added hormones. The organic meat tastes very different and at first it took my taste buds awhile to get used to it. But now it’s fine and I realize how much better it tastes without all those added hormones! It’s gotta be doing my body some good. Can’t believe how much added hormones and chemicals are in food people eat everyday. Can’t be healthy! 

I’ve been having some side affects from the medications. Headaches are almost daily and just feeling sick some days. Those are from the Testogel. The natural medications I’ve found have given me more energy which is a bonus. 

So that’s my update. Just waiting for my period now. This Friday I have my first acupuncture appointment so will update after that. 

Medications: Royal Jelly, Maca, CoQ10, pregnancy vitamin, Folic Acid, Testogel and Metformin. 

Side affects: headaches, nausea and stomach cramps. 


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