Medications and acupuncture 

So my medications arrived and things have changed this time around. I’m on 3 injections everyday from day 2. So day 1 is the first day of my period. Blood test but no medications that day. Day 2 I start injections. This time I’ll be on Gonal-f 225, Menopur 75 and Cetrotide 250 all from day 2. So that means 3 injections to do each night. Hopefully this will create a better outcome. So below is my medication for cycle 4. Also got my trigger injection which is Pregnyl this time. Then Crinone gel and Pregnyl injections for after egg retrieval surgery. Plus Clexane injections. 

There is a lot of mixing of medications this time. The Gonal-f is in a pen so that’s a pretty easy one. The others are all mixing up ones. I’m getting pretty good at mixing medications and drawing up into syringes now. I just hope this will be the last time I have to do all this. 

So today I finished work early and headed to my first acupuncture appointment. Very nervous and anxious. He asked me lots of questions about my IVF attempts, pregnancy loss and period. Plus some other questions about my health too. He looked at my tongue and took my pulse on both wrists. He was really good in telling me about Chinese medicine and how it works. Found out my tongue is light which means I get cold easily- true, my tongue and pulse explain that my kidneys and spleen are dry and cold so don’t work real well. The spleen and kidneys affect hormone and eggs. So basically he said to avoid dairy – doing this already, avoid breads – yep doing this, eat lots of hot foods no cold foods and use heat bags on lower abdomen. So diet change in process again to take out salads and add hot lunch. He did talk about using some Chinese herbal medications but at this point with everything else I’m taking I’ll hold of on it. So then he started the pins. Had several put in my feet and some in my hands. They stayed in for about 30 minutes. I felt them going in and some tingling, the hand ones hurt when he twisted them but after that was just a weird feeling. It wasn’t pain so much just weird and uncomfortable. I just laid there thinking positive and imagining my eggs getting better. I’ve got another appointment in 2 weeks, another during IVF treatment and then I’ll have it for embryo transfer and in the 2 week wait as well. It’s not something I’d choose to do but I want a baby bad enough I’ll do it! Whatever it takes I’ll do it! 

Medication: Testogel, Maca, CoQ10, Royal Jelly, Folic Acid, pregnancy vitamin and Metformin.

Treatment: Acupuncture.

Side affects: headaches, cramps and nausea.


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