Quick update. So basically right now I’m still waiting so not much to report on. Just trying to keep busy so the time goes faster. Should be about two weeks wait now. I’m busy pretty much everyday now until the cycle starts with either work, university or other things.

This weekend I have a fundraiser party to raise money in Zachary’s name for a non-profit organisation that helps during pregnancy loss. My goal is to reach $500 and I’m already up to almost $400. Hopefully the party will push it over. I want to reach my goal before my due date which was the 4th of August. I want Zachary to make a difference and I hope by raising this money he will. I also want to raise awareness around pregnancy loss so women don’t have to bottle things up and feel free to talk about their experiences to others. We need to remove the stigma. So right now just doing planning for the party and looking forward to that. Can’t believe how much support I have through my friends and family and I am so grateful. Their support means so much to me. I’ll post an update after the party with how much I end up raising and how it goes.

The weekend after I have the Friday off. This would have been my due date with Zachary so I knew I would need the day off. I actually have acupuncture that day. Then on the Saturday I have a massage planned as a treat before my cycle starts. I am due that weekend with my period as well so hopefully it will mark the beginning of my 4th IVF cycle too. So until then I am just keeping busy and staying on track with my medications, exercise and diet.

I had a few people ask about where I live. I’m on the mid north coast of NSW (sorry won’t specify where exactly) and it is a beautiful spot. I thought I would post a few pics below of the area I’m in. These are all taken in winter, today actually, and is a typical winter’s day. We have such beautiful days here all year round. We also have dolphins that live here year round so you will always see them. And the whales cross during whale season. Today I got to see a whale and lots of dolphins. So below are some photo’s to enjoy. My next post I will have more time and be able to right a bit more about my new diagnoses QI and Yang deficiencies which I have been reading up on.

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Medications: Metformin, Testogel, Maca, CoQ10, Royal Jelly, Folic Acid and pregnancy vitamin.

Treatment: Acupuncture.

Side affects: Nausea, constipation, diarrhoea, stomach aches, moody and headaches.

Diet changes: No dairy, limited gluten, low carb, organic meat, warm and hot foods.

Exercise: Daily cardio through walks or bike rides. Between 8000 and 10000 steps a day.


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