Fundraiser & Update

So this last weekend I had my fundraiser for Zachary to raise money for an organisation called Bears of Hope. I had started the fundraiser a few weeks after I lost Zachary, I wanted his short life to have some meaning and for him to have an impact. My goal was to raise $500 before Zachary’s due date of the 4th of August. Before the party I was up to $341.90 raised through a website. For the party I had a Body Shop fundraiser and my awesome Body Shop rep friend donated the commission towards the fundraiser. Along with the cash donations plus commission from sales I have now raised $577.90! Smashed my goal! So grateful to all my family and friends who have supported and showed their love through helping me and Zachary raise money to help such a worthwhile cause. Feels good to know that we have made a difference. It also gave me something to concentrate on and helped me grieve for Zachary, I really feel being able to do something so worthwhile helped get me through each day, especially in the first few months. And now to have achieved my goal just feels so good. Still have a few more donations to come through so who knows I might smash out $600 before it ends!

I made angel cakes and blue cupcakes for the party. The angel cakes were a huge hit. Here is a photo of them:

Still a week off from starting my period which will trigger the start of my round 4 of IVF. Still really hopeful this will be it this time. Between the new medications, natural drugs, acupuncture and diet change I am doing absolutely everything I can think of to improve my chances of having a healthy baby. If anyone reading this has any other ideas or hints on what I can try feel free to message me! Always eager to find out anything that will help my chances. So feel free to offer advice!

Medications: Metformin, Folic Acid, Maca, CoQ10, Royal Jelly, Testogel and pregnancy vitamin.

Treatments: Acupuncture.

Side affects: Headaches, diarrhoea and constipation.


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