Round 4 day 12 – egg collection surgery

So today it was an early start to head to the hospital. Was there before 6am and admitted shortly after ready for surgery. I was able to then lie in bed and watch TV while I waited to be taken in. It's a fast procedure only taking between 20 and 30 minutes. It's only a... Continue Reading →


Round 4 day 11

I'm currently sitting in a motel near the hospital I'll be going to in the morning. Decided to drive down after work today rather than early in the morning. I'm anxious and nervous but remaining positive. Had a few hours yesterday where I felt down and hopeless but snapped myself out of it. It only... Continue Reading →

Round 4 day 10

This morning it was a early start to head down to the IVF clinic for my first ultrasound to see how everything was going. It's hard getting up early and driving 2 hours but it's for a reason so I do it! I'm so used to the drive now I can do it with my... Continue Reading →

Round 4 day 9

Today marks day 9 and 20 injections. Tomorrow morning is my first scan to see how everything is progressing in my ovaries. Basically it's an internal ultrasound that looks at the follicles growing in the ovaries. Each follicle is meant to house a egg. Sometimes these are empty or have cysts instead though, this isn't... Continue Reading →

Round 4 day 8

17 injections done now. It doesn't get any easier as many people think. Some nights are harder than others to inject. Stabbing yourself with 3 needles a night knowing it might hurt and it'll give you side affects with hope that it'll be worth it and result in a pregnancy. This is the forth time... Continue Reading →

Round 4 day 7

One week gone now. That's 14 injections in total for this round so far. Can't believe how fast it's going. I'm looking forward to Wednesday when I can see what is going on inside my ovaries. Hopefully everything is going to plan and my little eggs are growing nicely. One thing I've learnt through all... Continue Reading →

Round 4 day 6

Another day down. Up to 11 injections now. Added Cetrotide tonight so it's 3 injections a night. Cetrotide stops ovulation from happening. So the first 2 speed up my ovaries to make multiple eggs and the last stops my ovaries from releasing any eggs before surgery. So now 3 injections nightly from now until surgery... Continue Reading →

Round 4 day 5

So day 5 gone, 8 injections done. Thankfully it's going fast so far. I've added another side affect to the list that seems to grow everyday. I've now also got diarrhea. Makes it hard when trying to work but I seem to manage ok at the moment. Hopefully it doesn't get any worse. Tomorrow night... Continue Reading →

Round 4 day 4

So day 4 has come and gone. Not much to report. Same side affects. Nauseous off and on during the day. Also had some pains today in the abdomen which is pretty normal on these injections. Just gotta hope the side affects mean the medications are working as they should be. 6 injections done now...... Continue Reading →

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