Zachary’s garden

After Zachary’s passing I decided I wanted to create a garden for him. So I choose a Lemon tree and some mixed seeds to plant for him. I wanted to attract butterflies so chose a huge bag of mixed flowers that attract butterflies. Plus I planted seeds I had gotten from Bears of Hope. This last weekend I decided the garden was looking very overgrown with so many things growing I should go through and take out some to allow more room. It was so over crowded that some plants were being knocked down by others. So in I got to take some out. However, once I got into it I realised there were actually a lot of vegetables growing and not flowers. The soil I had used was from a previous vegetable patch and even though I took all the vegetables out the soil must have still contained seeds or something. So I had a vegetable garden not a flower garden! There were a few flowers but not many. So after some thought I decided just to take it all out (except the lemon tree) and start again with new soil. So out it all came. Then a trip to Bunnings (hardware and gardening superstore here) to buy new soil and plants. This time I decided to buy a few established plants to put in as well as a packet of seeds. So now Zachary’s garden has the lemon tree, 2 mini tree’s call Sarah’s Delight and then 2 smaller plants; plus in the front section I have put in a packet of Forget Me Nots and a few of the mixed butterfly flower seeds. This time I have carefully planned out where I put everything. And from just before the lemon tree back there is now weed mat so no extra things can grow up. The front section is where I put the seeds so obviously no weed mat there. It’s going to be much easier to control and keep an eye on now.

In the garden I also have the 4 butterflies I bought from a bargain store, the Elephant statue (Elephant was going to be Zachary’s theme), a welcome sign and a little statue with ‘Love’ on it. Plus I have a solar powered butterfly and a statue with flowers and blue bird both of which our beautiful neighbours got me. Then up on the fence will be hung a blue butterfly welcome plaque. Zachary’s chair is also finished and is now next to his garden. My plan is when I have my next little one (it will happen) they will also get a garden with a tree. So the tree’s will grow and be the exact same age as each of my children.

Zachary’s garden…

Medications: Metformin, Royal Jelly, Maca, CoQ10, Folic Acid 5mg, Pregnancy vitamin and Iron supplement.

Treatments: Acupuncture.

Side affects: Diarrhoea, cramps and headaches.

IVF history: Cycle 1- 1 5 day embryo transferred resulted in pregnancy, lost at 15 weeks due to unknown Factor V Leiden disorder. Cycle 2- 1 poor quality 3 day embryo transferred, no pregnancy. Cycle 3- 1 good quality 5 day embryo transferred, no pregnancy. About to start round 4. Hoping for success in pregnancy and being able to get a spare embryo to freezer as well.


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