Quick update

Thought I would post a update on cycle number 4. Still haven’t started. I’ve had some PMS symptoms but no period yet so can’t start yet. It’s frustrating waiting. I keep thinking something will happen and my period won’t come. Some women dread their period but I welcome it because it means I still have a chance. For so many women they rarely get a period and for them it means massive fertility issues. It’s hard enough for me with a regular period so I can only imagine what it’s like for women without a regular period. 

So right now I’m waiting. I’m due tomorrow so hoping everything works the way it’s meant to. I did have my second acupuncture appointment last Friday and it went ok. I am not a fan of acupuncture, it’s uncomfortable and just not nice. I’m only doing it because I want a baby bad enough I’ll do anything. The acupuncturist did pick up on my anemia and said I should take iron pills, which my GP had told me anyway. So adding iron tablets to my mix now!

The Testogel has stopped now as that is only for 21 days. I had to stop some of the medications for a few days. I became really sick last Wednesday and couldn’t go to work. So I stopped some medications as I knew it was a build up of them. So thought a few days break would be good. So stopped Royal Jelly, Maca and CoQ10 for 5 days. It was pretty much constant diarrhea and this can be a side affect of the meds so taking a break to let the build up clear out is ok. 

So right now I’m waiting for my period and hoping my body keeps working the way it should. So anxious just waiting. Hopefully I can start soon. 

Medications: Metformin, Royal Jelly, Maca, CoQ10, Folic Acid 5mg, Pregnancy vitamin and Iron supplement.

Treatments: Acupuncture.

Side affects: Diarrhoea, cramps and headaches.

IVF history: Cycle 1- 1 5 day embryo transferred resulted in pregnancy, lost at 15 weeks due to unknown Factor V Leiden disorder. Cycle 2- 1 poor quality 3 day embryo transferred, no pregnancy. Cycle 3- 1 good quality 5 day embryo transferred, no pregnancy. About to start round 4. Hoping for success in pregnancy and being able to get a spare embryo to freezer as well.


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