Round 4

It’s been a weird week. I was beginning to think my period wouldn’t come and I would have to wait another month to start. I had the cramps and everything the day of my last acupuncture and then nothing. It was really weird. Then for the last few days I’ve had really bad lower back pain. I had resigned to the fact that I wasn’t going to get my period and just had to wait another few weeks to start. I became a little depressed and negative for a few days but then this weekend just realised I needed to go with it and let whatever happens happen. A friend of mine even told me that it would all be ok and it’d happen really soon, not to give up. Well I had pretty much given up this month and had finally decided that was ok and maybe my body just needed another month to rest before going again. As soon as I had decided this… bang… it hit! lol Maybe I just needed to let go of my emotions. So yes today my period started. Because it was in the afternoon my day 1 will be recorded as tomorrow. Which makes Tuesday my day 2.

So what happens now? I have gone into my IVF clinic’s app and recorded the start of my period. This means when the nurses get into work tomorrow they will see I have started and give me a call to make sure everything is still going along. Then I have to arrange a blood test for day 2 to check all my hormone levels. The results get rushed through within a few hours to the clinic. The nurse then calls me after they get the results and confirms the start of injections. Injections then start that night. So right now I just need to wait to talk to the nurse tomorrow and organise my blood test for the next day. All my hormone levels have to be at the right levels to start injections. Fingers crossed all my levels are good and I’m good to go.

Just keeping positive right now and trying to stay relaxed. I’ve stopped all extra medications now and keeping with only those the fertility specialist has me on to ensure the least amount of disruption to the treatment. It’s nice not to have any side affects for a few days until my injections start up. Stay tuned to hear how my blood tests go and if I can start injections!

Medications: Metformin, Pregnancy vitamin and iron supplement.

Side affects: None as yet.

IVF history: Cycle 1- 1 5 day embryo transferred results in pregnancy, lost at 15 weeks due to unknown Factor V Leiden disorder. Cycle 2-1 poor quality 3 day embryo transferred, no pregnancy. Cycle 3-1 good quality 5 day embryo transferred, no pregnancy. About to start round 4. Hoping for success in pregnancy and being able to get a spare embryo to freezer as well.



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