I’m Australian born and raised. Grew up in the big smoke of Sydney and that’s where I lived until 2009 when I left Sydney behind and moved up the coast for a sea change. Best move I ever did! Since leaving my entire life has improved. My work life balance is better, my mental health is better and I have more money to spend! No more spending hours in traffic to get anywhere! I do recommend to anyone living in a city if you’re not happy make the change and get out, your quality of life improves so much!

I’ve had a few relationships and dates over the years but not ‘the one’. There were guys I would have settled with just for the sake of being with someone but they weren’t someone that I truly wanted to be with. I don’t believe in settling. I did a lot of travel and saw the world which is something I wanted to do before I had kids. Even lived in Japan for a year! Being able to see the world is the best thing I have ever done! Now my travel bug has gone and I yearn to be a Mama. I wanted to own my own home before that so late 2016 I finally bought my first home and started looking into how I can be a Mama without a man.

In July of 2016 I started my IVF journey. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and a low ovarian reserve (basically it means my ovaries are ahead of my body). So at 34 the fertility specialist said it would only get harder so now was it. In October 2016 I underwent my first IVF cycle and was surprised when I fell pregnant on my first transfer with my only embryo! Tragically in the February 2017 my little man Zachary was born too soon. I was then diagnosed with Factor V Leiden which was more than likely the cause of Zachary’s passing. Since losing Zachary I have been determined at making him a big brother. I’m continuing my journey through IVF and won’t give up until I hold my rainbow baby in my arms!

I’ve created this blog to share my journey and talk about my loss of Zachary. This blog is for him. I will live my life for him. I want Zachary to be proud of his Mama. I hope through my blog I can educate others on infertility, IVF and loss. I’m open about all aspects of my journey and want people to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask because I want to educate! The only way for people to understand is to learn!


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