Over the weekend I travelled to a grief and loss workshop. I won't go into detail but it did help me understand my grief and how it'll never go away but I'm learning how to live with it. Milestones will be the hardest and that's ok too. It's ok to take the time out I... Continue Reading →


Prep for cycle 5

So my next IVF cycle is number 5. I'm being optimistic and know this will be the lucky one. I've been doing everything I can to prepare for the next cycle and staying as calm as possible. Of course it's impossible not to get anxious or stressed but trying to keep it to a minimum... Continue Reading →

Positivity and supports

It's been so good to have so many positive people around me keeping me focused on my goal of being a Mama to a living baby. It really does help to know I have so many in my court keeping me focussed and positive, not letting me give up on my dream. Not that I... Continue Reading →

Sunshine & Vitamin D

Another vitamin that is essential in fertility is vitamin D, which you get mostly from the sun. I really looked hard at this one and thought back to when I first started IVF. When I first started IVF I spent every weekend in the sun tanning or just out and about walking along the beach.... Continue Reading →

Diet and vitamins

I've spoken previously about how I have changed my diet to help in egg quality and my overall health as well. I've also included vitamins in my daily routine to help my health along a bit more. One of the big changes I made was to go organic with meat. Some have asked me about... Continue Reading →

Doctor talk

So today was my appointment with the specialist. Took the entire day off to travel the 2 hours down and spend the day. Always nice to be able to treat myself to a nice lunch out (very rarely do I eat out) and go shopping. It was a big day and I'm exhausted. Coming back... Continue Reading →


So it's been over a week since my last blog. I guess it's because admitting failure is hard to do. The one egg gotten from my surgery failed to fertilize. The day after surgery I found out. It was just devastating. To go though all the injections and surgery to have it end so quickly.... Continue Reading →

Round 4 day 11

I'm currently sitting in a motel near the hospital I'll be going to in the morning. Decided to drive down after work today rather than early in the morning. I'm anxious and nervous but remaining positive. Had a few hours yesterday where I felt down and hopeless but snapped myself out of it. It only... Continue Reading →

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