After a day 3 transfer

So I’m currently in what is known as the two week wait. Basically it means I’ll be waiting two weeks for a blood test to see if I’m pregnant. It’s the longest and hardest part of the journey. To have almost daily contact with nurses to having nothing for two weeks is hard.  I got... Continue Reading →


Embryo transfer day

Another drive to Sydney but hopefully it’ll be worth it. I went into today prepared for the worst but hoping for the best. When you go through IVF you have to prepare for worst case scenario to protect your mental health. So worst case scenario is all 3 embabies haven’t survived. Best case is all... Continue Reading →

Surgery & eggs

So yesterday I had my egg collection surgery. The surgery itself went fine and I don't really remember it. They give a twilight sedative and usually you don't remember a thing. This time I kinda remember the end as they were taking everything out and putting me from the table to the bed. I remember... Continue Reading →

Trigger & surgery prep

So last night at 9:20pm I took my trigger injection. I iced the area first because this injection hurts. Even having iced the area it still hurts. But it has to be done. And today I have a huge ugly bruise where the injection went. Ouch! It's hard giving yourself injections but when it's for... Continue Reading →

Scan 3 & 4 plus update

Firstly yes I've missed a few blog posts but a lot has happened and it's been an emotional few days. Emotionally I had to distance myself from everything and just concentrate on my own mental health. But now things are... well I can't say settled because they never do on the IVF roller coaster... but... Continue Reading →

Cycle 5 second scan

Another early morning start at 5am to head to the clinic for another scan and blood test.   Not the results I was hoping for, so devastated right now. After the scan the nurse had my doctor come and talk to me. Basically I have 2 follicles ready at 16&17mm and 4 others that are... Continue Reading →

Cycle 5 first scan

This morning it was a 5am start to head to the IVF clinic in Newcastle. Had my blood taken first and then came the scan. The bloods are taken in order to check all the hormone levels. Then the transvaginal ultrasound checks on the uterus lining and follicles growth in the ovaries. So basically a... Continue Reading →

Cycle 5 second injection time

So tonight I added my second injection to the mix! So 2 jabs a night now. Jabbing yourself with needles really isn't that hard. I remember my first jab was the hardest because I didn't know what to expect. I remember thinking the more I think about it the harder it will be so I... Continue Reading →

Cycle 5 continues

So it's now day 4 of injections. Last day before adding injection number 2. I've started having some side affects. Mostly headaches and pain at the injection site along with bruises. But also the last 12 hours or so I've started feeling sick and having stomach cramps plus a little bit of nausea. Also been... Continue Reading →

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